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The Gogebic County Road Commission

The Michigan State Police (MSP) is responsible for setting speed limits. More information can be found on their website by clicking here.

The seasonal average since 1957 is 197.3". Clickhere to see the full report of seasonal snowfall totals and averages. 

Who determines speed limits and how can I get the speed limit changed on my road?

​What is the average snowfall in Gogebic County?

Mailbox Policy​

Mailbox and/or Support Replacement Policy

(As revised at a regular meeting dated January 16, 2017)

A motion was made by Commissioner Matonich, 2nd by Vice-Chair D’Antonio, with all in favor to revise the current policy. Mailboxes and supports erected on county road right-of-way must comply with the following criteria:

  1. Mailbox is in the direction of the carrier’s route of travel, except on one-way streets.
  2. Mailbox height is between 42 inches and 48 inches above the road surface.
  3. Mailbox face is between 8 inches and 12 inches from the outside edge of the road shoulder or 6 inches to 12 inches from the curb.

Mailbox near an intersection is no closer than 100 feet from the intersecting road. Mailbox supports should be nominal 4 inch by 4 inch or 4½ inch diameter wood posts or 1½ inch to 2 inch diameter standard steel or aluminum pipe posts, embedded no more than 24 inches into the ground and are the maximum strength supports that should be considered.

If all of the above criteria are met concerning mailbox supports and location, and the mailbox or support is physically hit by county road commission equipment (this does not include snow that is discharged from the plow) the county road commission will then issue a $20 voucher to the property owner for the mailbox or a $30 voucher to the property owner for the mailbox & support.

Contrary to popular belief, the Gogebic County Road Commission does not receive any property tax monies. All general money is received through the Micahigan Transportation Fund (MTF). These funds are generated by the fuel taxes and vehicle registration fees.

I pay property taxes, why aren't you fixing my road?

No. Piling snow high along public roadways and shoulders or pushing the snow to the opposite side of the road can cause hazardous conditions for motorists. These actions are against the law (Act 82 of Public Acts of 1978) and violators leave themselves open to fines and lawsuits for public liability and property damage.

Can I push the snow across the roadway?

What is the Gogebic County Road Commission'sMailbox Policy?

Yes. Please refer to our Permit Fee Schedule.

What is the Gogebic County Road Commission's Driveway Policy?

At its regular meeting held on February 19, 2001, the Board of County Road Commissioners of Gogebic County passed the following rules regarding driveway culverts.  Policy #3 was added at a regular meeting held on April 16, 2001. Policy #4 (Work performed without obtaining a permit) was added at a regular meeting on June 22, 2015.

NEW DRIVEWAY:  Anyone constructing a new driveway within Road Commission right-of-way will be required to secure a permit from the Road Commission office.  The County Engineer and/or Road Foreman will determine the size and length of the culvert to be installed.  The cost of the installation of the new driveway and driveway culvert will be the responsibility of the property owner.
REPLACEMENT DRIVEWAY CULVERT:  If, in the opinion of the Road Commission, a private driveway culvert placed in Road Commission right-of-way, deteriorates or fails to the extent that it ceases to function, the property owner will be responsible for the full cost of the culvert.
DRIVEWAY EXTENSION CULVERT:  The property owner is responsible for the full cost of the extension culvert. However, the County Engineer and/or Road Foreman will inspect the work to make sure the extension is done properly.
WORK PERFORMED PRIOR TO OBTAINING PERMIT:  Anyone performing work within Road Commission right-of-way without obtaining an approved permit will be charged double the above fees.  A 30-day notice will be forwarded to the owner of the property.   If after the 30-day notice has expired and an approved permit and fees are not on file at the Road Commission Office, the culvert at the identified location will be removed at the owners expense and may result in court action.

At its regular meeting held on July 27, 2015 the Board of County Road Commissioners of Gogebic County passed the following rules regarding driveway culverts and included #4 under the Driveway Culvert Policy:

  •  Gogebic County Road Commission will discontinue selling culverts to the public for  driveway installation in the county right-of-way. 
  •  Gogebic County Road Commission will not install driveway culverts

Are there any fees associated with obtaining a permit from the Road Commission?

These are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have a question and do not find the answer on this page please feel free to contact our office at (906) 667-0233, we would be happy to assist you.

When do I need to get a permit from the Gogebic County Road Commission? Do I need one even if I do the work myself?

Yes, anytime a person or a business does any construction in the County right of way (normally 66 feet - 33 feet in each direction from the center of the road) a permit needs to be obtained. The Road Commission inspects each proposed drive location to assure that adequate sight distance is available, to determine what drainage improvement might be necessary, and to review the site for other potential safety problems before a permit is issued. Permits can be found in the "County Permit" section.