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The Gogebic County Road Commission


The Gogebic County Road Commission will hold its regular board meeting on
Thursday, December 20, 2018 in its offices in the Courthouse Annex, Bessemer, Michigan.​​

4:00 p.m. Finance Meeting

Regular Meeting to start immediately after Finance Meeting

All are welcome and encouraged to attend!​

Full 2018 GCRC Board Meeting schedule can be found here


New MDOT and MSP Video Provides Safe Driving Tips for Winter Weather

November 13, 2018 -- It's looking like winter may have arrived to stay for a while here in the Upper Peninsula. That makes it a great time to review what drivers should expect during winter storm events and what their responsibilities are for getting to their destinations safely.

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and Michigan State Police (MSP) have partnered together to produce a new video with information on how roads are maintained each winter and the actions motorists should take now to be prepared for inclement driving conditions.

"Maintenance workers at the state and local levels have years of experience and improved technology at their disposal for dealing with winter weather, but they're not miracle workers," said MDOT Engineer of Operations Mark Geib. "We want drivers to know that we'll be out working to clear roads as quickly as possible, but they share a responsibility for safety when they venture out."

"Driving too fast for conditions is the number one cause of traffic crashes during winter weather,” said Spl/F/Lt. Jim Flegel.
"It is every driver's responsibility to maintain control of their vehicle at all timesand the best way to compensate for reduced traction is to slow down and increase your following distance."

The video also covers:

  • New winter maintenance technologies, such as equipment that gathers atmospheric data and camera images from plow trucks

  • How drivers can see what plow truck operators see through the Mi Drive travel information website, and see their position on state routes in real time

  • Information on how to prepare your vehicle for winter driving, such as making sure tires are in good condition and that all snow and ice has been cleared from your vehicle before heading onto the road

  • Why drivers should give plow operators extra space, and consider staying behind them in winter storms

  • The use of green lights on plow trucks

  • Michigan's Move Over Law, which requires motorists to move over for stationary emergency vehicles with their lights activated or slow down and pass with caution if it is not possible to safely change lanes

  • Other reminders for winter driving, such as avoiding distractions, using headlights during winter weather, and leaving extra space between vehicles

Visit MDOT's Mi Drive traffic information website: | |


The Gogebic County Road Commission and the Gogebic County Sheriff’s Department would like to remind all property owners that piling snow high along public roadways and shoulders or pushing the snow to the opposite side of the road can cause hazardous conditions for motorists.  These actions are against the law (Act 82 of Public Acts of 1978) and violators leave themselves open to fines and lawsuits for public liability and property damage.  For a charge to be filed a police officer must witness the violation or a citizen must file a complaint.

It is recommended that when cleaning your driveway that the snow be pushed away from the public road and to the sides of the driveway for its full length.  If there is no room for storage of the snow along your driveway length, then instead of pushing it onto the public road, the snow should be hauled away.

All property owners and persons hired by the property owner to remove snow are responsible for maintaining safe traffic conditions and preventing careless snow removal techniques.




2 A.M. TO 7 A.M.

Vehicles must not be parked on either the roadway or shoulder.  Vehicles found parked in violation of this notice will be towed away at the owner’s expense and subject to a fine.  Neither the county nor the state will be liable for damage to vehicles illegally parked.



Check out this great video made by our friends at Muskegon County Road Commission! Snowplow drivers have a very tough and a lot of times thankless job. Please be sure to give all plows driver enough room to do their job. 

Winter driving tips:

  • Stop thinking that your four-wheel drive is invulnerable
  • Do not attempt to pass a plow truck
  • Allow extra time to arrive at your destination
  • You owe your car a new set of shoes – get new tires or snow tires before the winter arrives
  • SLOW down and be alert for other vehicles around you
  • Don’t follow too closely, allow extra space between you and other vehicles
  • Look ahead for stoplights and other road signs
  • Don’t slam on the brakes
  • Have a winter emergency kit ready inside your car
  • Always wear your safety belt and ensure others in your vehicle are properly restrained
  • During inclement weather, do not drive if it is not necessary. If you do have to go out, make sure to let others know your route of travel and expected arrival time
  • Please be sure your vehicle is brushed off and clean of snow
  • Turn your lights ON during inclement weather

Please be sure to thank your plow driver today! They too have families that are missing them while they are out trying to make the roads as safe as possible for the motoring public!


Before winter takes hold and snow plows hit the roads, Gogebic County Road Commission (GCRC) asks our residents to prepare by shaking their mailboxes this month.

A mailbox is the only object allowed by law that homeowners can place in the road right-of-way. The location and construction of mailbox must conform to the rules and regulations of the United States Postal Service (USPS) and nationwide standards established by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation officials. 

The road right-of-way is typically 66 feet wide, or 33 feet each direction from the centerline of the road. The right-of-way is maintained by county road agencies and is used for residential and public utility purposes. 

Over time, a mailbox post can rot or become wobbly. By grabbing and shaking it, a homeowner can know if it is secure. Snow coming off of a plow going 35 m.p.h has surprising force that can topple a wobbly mailbox. Digging a mailbox out and reinstalling it in frozen ground is no picnic.

The number one job of GCRC is to maintain a safe and efficient road and right-of-way system and it is the resident's responsibility to ensure his or her mailbox is secure. 

The Gogebic County Road Commission have policies in place regarding replacement of mailboxes that have been hit by a snowplow. However, road agencies are not responsible for mailbox damage caused by standard snow removal operations. GCRC's policy can be found here.

Residents should prepare mailboxes for winter by tightening screws and ensuring the post and box are secure enough to endure large amounts of snow that is thrown. If the mailbox moves when shaken, the box may need to be repaired or replaced before winter. 

If you have any questions on what is permitted, please call our office at (906) 667-0233.

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